Inspiring Empowerment through a Network of Trustworthy Resellers
Our goal is to ignite a collective journey of growth for neighborhood grocery stores (kiryanas), driven by the power of innovation, digitization and branding. This transformation allows us to form deeper connections with the households within our community, uniting us in a shared mission of progress and prosperity.

Our Objective

Apni Dukan is here to create the most capital-efficient and scalable distribution channel. We aim to become the go-to trusted network of mom n pop stores (kiryana).

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We maintain the delivery of high-quality stock by extending sourcing and quality control services to every member of Apni Dukan community.


From sourcing to storing and store-front deliveries, we operate with a digitally-enabled logistics and supply chain system.


We use data science and machine learning to evaluate and create automated credit limits for micro-entrepreneurs in our community based on their transactional history. Through this option, Apni Dukan users can avail buy-now-pay-later fulfillment solutions for a more optimised cash flow.


We provide a one-window solution to our agents by offering a huge variety of grocery items from all the leading household names & staple producers.


Digitized Ordering
Hassle-free Delivery
Digital Inventory System
Retail Credit Facility
Iconic Shop Branding
Wide Range of Products

About 24SEVEN

24SEVEN is reshaping traditional farm-to-table and FMCG value chains through the power of innovation and digitalization. We are the architects of change, dedicated to empowering retailers with impactful solutions that pave the way for success. Our cutting-edge tools and platforms are the keys to unlocking new horizons, allowing retailers to master inventory management, automate their operations and uncover profound insights into consumer behavior.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to unity and collaboration. Together, we are forging a digitally-enabled community commerce platform, where possibilities are limitless and success knows no bounds

Expanding Horizons

Along with leading digital transformation, we are also laying the groundwork for fintech solutions that will give retailers access to retail credit based on their transactional history. Better credit scores will allow the retail partners to have favorable credit limits. We are also offering financial services by partnering with financial institutions. These benefits will help them grow their business and strive toward prosperity.

Apni Dukan Connect

A revolutionized retail media platform, offering a range of solutions to help you forge meaningful connections and boost sales.


Apni Dukan has been designed to maximise ease-of-use for the agents when it comes to adopting digital solutions. We also offer our expertise in branding to the members of our community to help them carve out their own unique identity in their market.

Our Approach

At Apni Dukan, our brilliant team is working hard at finding insightful solutions to modern-day challenges with innovative technology, artificial intelligence (AI), thoughtful design, future-ready business models,creative thinking, and best-in-class operational supremacy. We work alongside resellers, aggregators & manufacturers to create tailor-made digital solutions.


24SEVEN Apni Dukan, is the product of years of experiences, ideas, data, and iterations underpinned by a mission to transform millions of lives in a positive and meaningful manner. We have been striving towards bridging the gaps and loopholes in Pakistani retail supply chain with innovative and insightful digital solutions; tailor-made for the unique challenges of our community.
Jarrar Shah

Jarrar Shah

Co Founder & CEO

Nabil Shahzad

Co Founder & COO

Maha Khalid

Co Founder & CMO

Qaiser Sheikh

Co Founder & Head of Supply Chain

Kashif Mukhtar

Co Founder & CTO

Leading Brands

Trust. Success. Prosperity.

Apni Dukan is offering the lowest wholesale prices to our micro-entrepreneur community (MSMEs) along with sustainable economic solutions. The platform is designed for promising future growth for farmers, brands & wholesale aggregators. Accelerating digitally-enabled economic growth for the entire Pakistani supply chain ecosystem.
“Apni Dukan has brought convenience to my business.”
-Usman Mukhtar,
Al-Madina Kiryana Store
“Entire stock is delivered on time.”
- Ali Shafeeq,
Bismillah General Store
“I can easily manage my accounts now.”
-Kashif Mohsin,
Khushhaal Store

Our Reach

Apni Dukan operates in more than 6 cities of Pakistan.

Our Values

Apni Dukan was created to integrate the world around us for a better future. Staying true to this ambition, we have defined a set of core values to act as a guide in every phase of our journey. Every action we take as a company is devised with our learning and understanding of data. Looking at these data points side-by-side allows us to develop the most accurate strategies; thus, innovating and implementing more effective solutions.

We are data-centric

We take a future-first approach

We lead the way with tech and AI solutions

We break new ground for digital transformation every day with operational supremacy

We bring ideas to life by investing in our people

We believe in creating an impact

We live our core values



Become a part of Pakistan’s most trusted network of dukandaars and enjoy exclusive rewards and benefits.

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