Privacy Policy

This policy describes the privacy practices on our website.

For our personal data processing practices in general, please see AD Privacy statement

Our Privacy Principles are as follows:

1. We respect your right to privacy

First and foremost, we respect your privacy in everything we do. Your trust is important to us. We respect your control of your personal data and digital content, and it’s our priority to prevent unauthorized access to it by anyone. Whenever we ask you for information, it is to better serve you: If we don’t need it, we won’t ask for it.

2. We will protect you

Not only do we live up to our principles, we also seek to protect you against external threats. Your digital life should be nobody else’s business but yours.

3. You decide how much you share with us

To provide you with even better services and relevant messages, we collect information about how our website is found and used. This means that when you’re using our services, we track things like which pages are accessed most and which actions trigger error messages. However, if you are uncomfortable with tracking, we completely appreciate that and therefore offer opt-out possibilities from non-critical data collection.

4. No backdoors

We do not build backdoors into our services or software for access by authorities or anyone else. Officials who want information for criminal investigations must enter through our front door with a warrant.

5. There is no privacy without security

Secure services help keep valuable data safe from malicious intentions and prying eyes. Without security, there is no guarantee of privacy. With our dedication to privacy and expertise in security, we can offer true digital freedom.

6. We keep our messaging relevant

We want to engage you and help you stay safe in the digital world. One way we do this is through relevant messages. Our messages are not just marketing. They are intended to be informative, fun and useful and to help you get the most out of our services. You can always opt out from our messaging if you prefer.

7. We choose service providers we can trust

As part of the Internet ecosystem, like any provider of digital services we must also use external solutions. However, we carefully partner with service providers who share our commitment to privacy and security. We don’t share any more data with them than is absolutely necessary.

8. We are the good guys

We will be open and honest with you. We won’t use your personal data for hidden purposes. We strive for clear and easy to understand communications – not jargon.


We use cookies on our websites to assist us in content personalization, website improvements and development, and to create relevant online marketing activities. When you visit our site, you agree to the use of such cookies. You can also adjust your choices from our cookie preference settings. Your cookie preferences remain active for one year from your choice. The expiration date of a cookie is dependent on the cookie provider. If you wish to remove the cookies prior to their expiration date, you can do so from your browser settings.

Some cookies (functional cookies) are required for proper functioning of the site or for security reasons, and are always set. For the sake of keeping this document relevant, such essential cookies are not discussed herein.

General information about cookies

Cookies help us collect information about the use of our website. This information includes, among other things,

  • the web browsers and operating systems used,
  • the domains of referring sites (traffic origin),
  • the date, time, number, and duration of visits,
  • which pages or elements within pages were viewed,
  • which links, buttons, or other items were clicked,
  • and what was typed into text fields in forms.

Cookies may contain IDs, typically random strings of numbers and letters, that are unique to your browser. This helps us recognize your browser when you visit our website again.

We use both first-party (set by Apni Dukan) and third-party cookies (set by a vendor other than AD). Third-party cookies convey information to that third-party site upon your visit to an AD site.

Cookies are also used to track your reaction to emails sent to you, so that we know whether we have been successful in relaying the messaging to you.

Change your cookie settings

You can discontinue cookie-based data collection at any time, by opting out from the cookies or by adjusting your browser settings. Do note that some features of our website rely on cookies to function.

Please note that these opt-out mechanisms work by placing a cookie on your browser. Therefore, your browser must be configured to accept cookies for your preference to take effect. If you delete your cookies or switch to a different web browser, you will need to set your preferences again.

Website personalization and development

The information collected via cookies and other web technologies helps us understand when and how visitors discover, interact with, and leave our websites. We then use this information to

  • Improve the visibility and usability of our site
  • Locate and address technical issues you might experience
  • Deliver customized and relevant content to you
  • Direct you to the most relevant localized web page (based on geographic IP address).


By default, we do not use cookies to identify the individuals who visit our websites. However, if you have voluntarily submitted your contact information to Apni Dukan — when registering for services, completing a survey or entering a contest, for example — we may, with your consent, tie your website usage to your individual record through the use of cookies. If you are a visitor interested in our corporate-oriented communication, this will also include your previous browsing data on our website. If you already have a business relationship with Apni Dukan, this will be combined with the pre-existing information we have about you stored on our Customer Relations Management platform.

We generate statistics and aggregate reports for internal use, as well as for sharing with Apni Dukan group companies, partners, and subcontractors. Our third-party web analytic providers may also create and publish aggregate reports of the data collected. The statistics and aggregate reports do not contain any data that could be linked to an individual website visitor.

Website Marketing Activities

The data we collect can also be used for marketing purposes. Information about the pages you have visited in the past help us market more relevant services to you in the future.

We also work with data aggregators and ecommerce sites to provide targeted advertising to our customers. In practice, this means that when you visit our site or a third-party website we have partnered with, or click an advertisement for Apni Dukan services, your activity may be tracked through cookies. These cookies are generated by our marketing partners and used to display personalized AD-related advertisements on other websites.

We do not sell your personal data to any third parties. Information that is not personally identifiable may be shared with our advertising or business partners. They may also use cookies to track what advertisements you have seen and what services you appear to be interested in.

Third-party websites

We are not responsible for any third-party websites you enter via our website, and their practices are not covered by this policy. Our website privacy policy does not cover data collected by any third-party websites, so you should read the privacy statements of those websites carefully.

Apni Dukan does not control cookies from third-party websites. The third parties are responsible for how these cookies work and how the personal data is processed.

The practices related to accepting or blocking third-party cookies vary by marketing campaign and are defined by the third party and applicable laws.


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